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Due to the increase in costs, there is now a charge of $15.00 when ordering a new direct debit pad/booklet.

You have the option of downloading a PDF which you are able to print off yourselves.

Please contact the Quickpay office when requiring the PDF or the booklets.

To Our Valued Clients,

We are very excited about some new changes and upgrades currently being implemented. We will be keeping you informed as the changes come on line.

We will be using this web page as a message board to keep you up dated with any changes and also we will be including answers to commonly asked questions about using the website so please take the time to have a quick read.

We look forward to the new year with you and hope it will be a successful one for all concerned.


Quickpay is a 100% Australian owned company and proud of it! The directors of Quickpay have many decades of financial management and accounting experience, they understand the stresses of owning and managing your own business, thereby being uniquely placed to work with clients on a one-on-one basis.

Quickpay came into being as a result of a large chain of fitness centres' need to have customised systems created to deal with the issue of regular customer payments. After much research and initial dissatisfaction with the existing range of products in the market, the two companies worked creatively to find the right solutions. The outcome – a system that is flexible and cost effective and delivers the results!

Quickpay provides the business information you need to keep up with the changing company landscape, both public and private. We continually research and update our systems with a special focus on the technology sector –to give our clients a competitive advantage.

In 2009, Quickpay is regarded as one of the best operations in the market, ably demonstrating its commitment to cutting edge technology and personalised client support.