What is Quickpay?

Quickpay is a direct debit and online payment processing organisation that is dedicated to working with businesses to provide flexible online payment solutions designed to increase cash flow and effectively manage direct debit revenue recovery. We are all about making you more profitable through effectively managing your cash flow.

Payments and charges processed using direct debit such as rents, fees and memberships are automatically gathered from your customers via a nominated credit card account or bank account -its quick and easy to set up. More importantly, the online billing method of collection is designed exclusively with your business requirements in mind and all completed safely and securely to ensure privacy considerations are acknowledged.

For example:

  • frequent static or varying amounts, eg: Fitness Centres, Fee Collection, Rental, Franchise payments, any form of monthly fees, etc)
  • set number of payments: eg: house mortgage or vehicle payments
  • specific dollar amounts, eg: life insurance, household insurance, Council rates

Customer service is at the top of our company ethos – to this end, our friendly customer service and support team is dedicated to ensuring your needs are met thoroughly, efficiently and capably. Quickpay prides itself on its flexibility and reliability – your billing is in safe hands and will continue automatically until advised to the contrary.