Quickpay – Service Fees

One of Quickpay’s core values is transparency in all facets of business – that means no unpleasant surprises! Quickpay direct debit and online payment processing fee structure is straight forward and transparent:

  • Elect to pay the direct debit fee yourself or allow your customer to pay – again, it’s your choice, designed to accommodate your business needs
  • Extensive and sustained follow up on any dishonoured transactions

Quickpay Transaction Fee – for each direct debit transaction per customer a fee is levied. In the case of a payment from a bank or cheque account the fee is a set amount.  For a credit card payment the transaction fee is a set percentage.

Quickpay direct debit and online payment processing NO EXTRAS pledge – no hidden extras, penalty charges, establishment fees, account management fees, ongoing access fees and best of all, no monthly minimum