Product Overview

The Quickpay automatic Direct Debit and Credit Card processing system is designed to be user-friendly and not intimidating for its clients. Equally, we realise how important timing is as well as the need to generate "real time" statistical information and reports. Our goal is to manage the process on your behalf, allowing you quality time to focus on other areas of your business.

How does the system work? – It’s a series of straight forward steps:

  • Your customer completes the Debit Request Authority with all relevant information
  • The form is despatched to Quickpay, either by facsimile, mail or email
  • Quickpay loads the data provided into its database where the information is fully encrypted for additional security
  • Quickpay starts the nominated payment on the nominated day for the period specified
  • Quickpay notifies you immediately in the event of a failed transaction
  • On the second business day or alternatively a term specified by you, after the funds have been cleared, Quickpay will transfer to your nominated account all payments that have been cleared minus any fee accompanied by a simple deposit statement.

Summary of Deposits

A summary of deposits is provided in easy to understand format and where there are multiple entities, there is clear delineation for easy identification.

Failed Transactions

At the end of each business day a Failed Transaction Report is generated, allowing the client to see at a glance any payment that has been returned by the bank. Again, this allows you the client to see the situation in "real time", not days later!

Tax Invoice

A detailed report of customer payments is provided when funds are deposited into your account.

Reports Menu

There are a variety of Reports available that enable you to track details of funds deposited, transactions both successful and unsuccessful and so much more. Quickpay can customise reports for its clients on an as-need basis.

Daily New Customer Authentication

Every day Quickpay will provide a detailed list of all customers who have joined the system – this is your verification that authority forms have been received and the data entered is correct. We appreciate the need for urgency and accuracy – so we guarantee you will have this information every 24 hours.

Customer Payment Schedule

The facility exists to automatically generate the Customer Payment Schedule showing those customers who have payments scheduled over a nominated period. The CPS can be accessed at any time on-line, allowing you the flexibility to easily amend details.