Quickpay Online – Access

The Quickpay online direct debit and payment process software is “more than just a pretty face” – it’s there to allow you, our valued customer, the flexibility to access and administer your customer accounts with absolute privacy and security – because we know how important it is to have the details on hand at any given time.

Our Q-Access (billing software) gives you complete access to undertake a variety of tasks and all at no charge to you, the client:

  • Review all direct debit payment records by your customers, including their online billing history
  • Amend your customer direct debit billing details and personal information
  • Amend the direct debit schedules and online payment amount for your customer, including adding additional payments
  • Activate a suspension or cancellation order of future direct debit transactions
  • View and download Client Reports
  • Access information in “real time”

When you become a Quickpay Member we provide you with a completely secure password that allows you the capability to undertake the steps you need to keep abreast of  direct debit transaction details.

For more information about Q-Access call our Customer Service Hotline 1300 659 537 or email us at info@quickpay.net.au